2019 : the calm before the storm

Security as a whole, where even physical safety became totally dependent of cyber-security due to the number of connected tools surrounding us, is about to face the most dangerous (r)evolution in its history.

As a matter of fact, if cyber-attacks became more and more numerous year after year, their countering became, in the same time, more performant. As an effect, the last months have been relatively quiet, with the exception of some extremely sophisticated attacks targeting a precise structure, state-sponsored attacks and the usual “fake news” tsunami.

But why such a quiet after a year where companies of the whole world suffered huge damages as consequences of the global viruses “Wannacry” and “Non-Petya” ? The answer is simple. Hackers, “bad guys”, “rogue nations”, “privateers” are just waiting for the start signal, the global implementation of the 5G technology.

In this 7th edition of “Cybersecurity Romania”, you’ll learn from the best state and private specialists, from Romania and abroad, and discuss with them several vital topics helping you to understand the “new world” we are entering it and the necessary human, technical and technological measures your company will have to undertake as soon as possible. With this 2-days dialogue, you will understand all the basics to take the right decisions for your company, in human as well as in technological needs.

All doors will be opened with 5G, the “Pandora’s Box” : no more SCADA, no more conventional cybersecurity. A wrong smartphone at the wrong place and the keys of your business are gone. Experts estimate our vulnerabilities to raise by exponential ten!

Fighting against Artificial Intelligence: misunderstood by its Latin meaning, Artificial Intelligence is, at the moment, what it means in English : vital data gathering. At this very moment, defense tools based on this technology are not optimal, while the “bad guys” are using it at its full capacity, gathering piece after piece all what they need about you and your company.

4.0 Industry – a dream which can become overnight your worse nightmare: you’ll discover how, from financial mechanism to logistic chains and production chains, you can find your company unable to receive and deliver anything, blocked by specially conceived malwares. Prevention in this field starts by knowing until which extent tools must really be interconnected, and then to acquire the right persons and technologies to face those special attacks.

– 4.0 transports, the hugest challenge. Multimodal hubs, personal transports, products to receive or to deliver, everything you rely on can be hacked. Working on different siloes is certainly ensuring each silo’s resilience, but not the information exchange with you, the customer. Learn to prepare a secure plan and strict rules on information sharing, goods and human transports.