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1. Running Blind

The current days industrial control systems are also, in an important proportion, the yesterday’s industrial control systems.

They carry a lot of history and are a legacy of an old industrialist mentality that makes it so vulnerable.

The new Industry 4.0 wave, IoT and all the new developments makes the energy sector for instance run a very tough race.

What is hidden and what is open?

Can we find their problems, what makes them vulnerable and then simply exploit it?

Is this within reach? Maybe it’s already on the Internet?

What do they know of their exposure and how can we help?

What would you do if your critical systems get controlled by outsiders, or your partner’s network also exposes yours? Would you know?

2. Cat and Mouse; with a human touch

The rich and the beautiful realm of financial services is very well thought after by “well intended friends” who try to get in at the cocktail.

They have their ways to also get somehow invited, or may pose as a member of the family.

It is of course a game of Cat & Mouse, so let’s have a look at the cat’s techniques/opportunities and the mouse’s options to guard his cheese, mostly when this happens in a human regulated industry.

Who’s who? Should you also include AI in the mix?

Our proposal is to find out together.

PDF: 8 TOPORAN CAT & Mouse 2019

Dl. Bogdan Toporan este fondatorul şi directorul BISS | Best Internet Security, una dintre primele societăti 100% româneşti concentrate exclusiv pe securitate cibernetică, înfiinţată în 2001. Dl. Toporan are o experienţă de peste 15 ani de dedicaţie în sectorul securităţii cibernetice, introducând în mod activ tehnologii de securitate pe piaţa românească, împreună cu exploatarea informaţiilor pe care acest domeniu extrem de dinamic le oferă.
Pasionat de securitatea informaţiilor şi modele practice de a o face să funcţioneze eficient în medii foarte eterogene, Dl. Toporan a fost implicat în toate proiectele BISS, de la stabilirea liniei de pornire în privinţa securităţii, la protecţie, remediere şi soluţionare. Preocupările curente includ “security intelligence” şi servicii relevante de securitate cibernetică operaţională, grefate pe ecosistemul românesc de securitate.

Mr. Bogdan Toporan is Founder and Managing Director of BISS | Best Internet Security, one of the first 100% Romanian companies focused entirely on cyber security, established 2001. Mr. Toporan carries an expertise of more than 15 years of dedication to the cyber security field, actively introducing security technologies to the Romanian marketplace, along with leveraging the hype type of information this particularly dynamic field of work has to deliver.
Passionate about information security and practical models of making it work for very heterogeneous environments, Mr. Toporan was involved in all BISS projects, from security base lining, to valid protection, remediation and resolution. Current interests outline security intelligence and relevant operational cyber security services, mapped on the Romanian security ecosystem.